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a freelancer.

As safe an
an official.

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We work
because it fits
our Lifestyle.

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We are a leading provider of identity-based personnel services in Europe.

This is how our employees redefine work:

LEEBERG GROUP International

Modern working in 3 countries.

Freedom of work

At the LEEBERG GROUP you can work exactly in the projects, which you find really exciting and fit your lifestyle.

For our partners we create outstanding project success. In doing so you work precisely at companies that best fit with their corporate culture to you and your life.

We prefer to focus on results, rather than working from 9 to 5. You decide, when you want to get your work done. No one knows better when you’re productive than you.

You like working in a café? At home? On a mountain? In Paris? You decide which place is best suited to your task.

We believe in content-oriented leadership by the person who has the highest competence in the subject. Each team has a mentor, but no boss.

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Security of work

As free as a freelancer, but with the security of a permanent position? We make it possible. This allows us to realize our dreams while sleeping well at night. And our families as well.

A good work also includes a good salary. And as this salary we can also count, when we are currently re-orienting ourselves and are on the lookout for the next project that suits us.

No matter with which kind of work and personal related challenges you are faced, you can count on us. Whether you need a coach, doctor or lawyer, they are available for you.

We do not need vacation requests. You decide on the quantity and length of you holidays. From a spontaneous extended weekend to an extensive tour through South America: everything is possible. The only restriction: All work must be done in time.

A proverb in China says: “Knowledge is a treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere.” At the LEEBERG GROUP you get a lot of responsibility. But at the same time we provide you with the necessary support. We focus not only on professional but also on personal growth.

(3 images above: Sebastiaan ter Burg via flickr.com)


We support our partners with highly qualified teams in demanding projects. We work in a modern working culture, no matter where we are.


A leading provider of culture-based HR services. Pioneer of contemporary working.

Our mission is to modernize our working world. The key to this is our working culture that ensures outstanding project success to our customers and partners. In 3 countries we are pioneer in identity-based personnel deployment in the areas IT, Engineering and Management.


Smart Work: new standards in terms of personal freedom, individual security and growth.

BE YOURSELF. BE LEEBERG. Our guiding principle shows: Everyone has his own strengths, most productive times of the day and favorite places to work. “9 to 5” does not exist here. Decisive factors are only the results. But beware: Work at the LEEBERG GROUP and you’re ruined for other jobs.


Managing growth, showing potentialities.

The LEEBERG GROUP is committed to provide investors, analysts and other interested parties with regular updates on business performance, business strategy, as well as opportunities and threats.





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