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Business with pleasure!

The LEEBERG GROUP UK stands for contemporary working. For professional challenges that fit the personal lifestyle. For comprehensive personal liberties and reassuring securites. For highly interesting projects and extraordinary cultural matching.

The LEEBERG GROUP UK is taking a leading role in flexible working and workplace models.

Our claim: Freedom of work in regard to place and time.

Take time off  during good weather and spend time with the family? Work only during bad weather? Working one week from Paris? A spontaneous trip into the mountains on Monday? Work at night? Traveling the world as a digital nomad and work on the road? 5 hour work day? 12 hour work day? Work just 4 days a week? Work 7 days a week?

This is all possible as an employee of the LEEBERG GROUP. It is the personal responsibility. The only requirement are results, agreed targets and deadlines. The freedom of work in regard to place and time applies, so far as the results are there and the team can work together well.

Thanks to contemporary communication technologies flexibility isn’t only just possible. In our view flexibility is conducive to excellent results, great motivation and an universal lifestyle management.

This modern way of working often requires some practice phase. It is crucial for the success, to take responsibility for the own freedom. For this purpose our employees have comprehensive support.

A return to a traditional “9 to 5” job is inconceivable for the vast majority of our employees. Why?

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