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    Sustainability means for us, acting responsibly in the best interests of our employees, partners, society and future generations.

Responsibility at the LEEBERG GROUP


As a leading provider of identity-based personnel services in Europe LEEBERG GROUP has a special responsibility for today’s working world. Our central CSR strategy is, to provide our employees, partners and the society with every benefit, that comes with contemporary working: Outstanding results in form of project success and at the same time extensive personal liberties on the path to these goals.

Responsibility for our employees

Our employees have taken responsibility. For their families and for people who are important to them. Many of our employees want to spend quality time with their children and cultivate hobbies, from which they draw strength. For this reason, it is the responsibility the LEEBERG GROUP to support our employees in an integrally fulfilled life. We provide our employees with extensive personal liberties. It is in their own responsibility, to determine the time and the place of their work and even take vacations. The available free time is only regulated by the work output and the results.

We support our employees with exceptional measures which go far beyond the current project. The LEEBERG Academy provides an integrated program for the professional and personal growth. In addition, depending on the situation, our employees can count on coaches, doctors and lawyers. It is our responsibility to offer our employees and their families not only freedom, but also security.

Our aim is to offer our employees a culture, which enables an integrally fulfilled life.

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Responsibility for our partners

The balance of power in the labor market has rearranged itself because professionals have become scarce. Qualified applicants are already in a position to choose their employers very closely. This is a warning sign for many companies, at the same time it is also the birth of identity-based HR services.

Today job seekers presuppose a good salary and are looking for a job that fulfills them and fits to their lifestyle. On the other hand, it is a big challenge for companies to accurately identify the employees who fit their own corporate culture.

This task is performed by the LEEBERG GROUP for the partners. It is our mission to provide each of our partners exactly with professionals  that fit their corporate culture. This cultural matching is an essential part of our service and is responsible for a higher identification and an increased awareness of values of the employees.

The LEEBERG GROUP is a leading provider of identity-based HR services in Europe. We accept true responsibility for our partners by supporting their professionals and executives even after their placement extensively in their new position. In addition, as the first personnel service provider in Europe, we offer our partners a Cultural Matching warranty.

It is our responsibility, to offer our partners extraordinary successes and exactly matching professionals.

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Responsibility for society

Work is a central element in our society. Work not only ensures our survival, it is also responsible for the financial prosperity of our society. But partially the environment in which we work, seems outdated. Numerous indicators suggest a urgently needed adaptation of our ways of working to our modern system of values.

Despite our immense societal progress many employees are clearly dissatisfied, suffer from the burnout syndrome or a work-related mental illness. Most of this dissatisfaction is due to the outdated structures and the lack of leadership competence of the system.

Thus, the time seems overdue for an appropriate structural change in the world of work. For adaptation to our current standard and today’s zeitgeist. The LEEBERG GROUP is committed to this objective.

We see it as our responsibility for society to establish a modern working culture. With our innovative culture, we are setting new standards.

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