Alex Leeberg is committed to transforming the world through the power of documentary cinema.

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Alex Leeberg: Crafting Films that Move Audiences to Take Action

“I create films that inspire viewers to take action and break free from escapism, empowering them to make a difference”

Alex Leeberg Bio

Alex Leeberg is an award-winning documentary producer and editor. He started his career as a marketing manager at Erwin Müller Group. As the Creative Director at Alex accompanied the pioneer for smart thermostats over the course of 6 years from the startup stage to European market leadership. tado secured over 100M USD investment capital from investors such as the Amazon Alexa Fund, Siemens and Target Partners. During this time Alex developed his passion for video editing and created award-winning documentary series. Alex honed the craft of cutting as he learned from his mentor, Sven Pape, an ACE Award-nominated editor who cut for James Cameron, Elon Musk, Mark Webber, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In partnership with Sven Pape, Alex Leeberg produces documentaries that appear on streaming providers such as Prime Video and a documentary series for Sven’s wide-reaching YouTube channel. Through his documentary production and editing, Alex motivates viewers to take action.


Alex is the founder of LEEBERG GROUP. The company and partners specialize in producing films that turn viewers into action takers and can be seen on major streaming platforms.

Their films go beyond mere entertainment, inspiring audiences to make a difference. Through their perspective-oriented storytelling and immersive cinematic techniques, they challenge viewers to think critically and take meaningful action towards creating a better life. Their mission is to harness the power of film to drive individual change, one documentary at a time.

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