• Our philosophy: smart work.

    Our culture is changing the working world.

Our Mission Statement


The LEEBERG GROUP is a leading provider of identity-based personnel services in Europe. With about 1,000 partners in the United Kingdom, Germany and Hungary, it is our demand to ensure the identity-based filling of ca. 12,500 vacancies annually in the sectors IT, engineering and management. In doing so we are taking a leading role in flexible working and workplace models.

Our employees are responsible-minded people, who gain remarkable liberties and exceptional support. By living our modern work culture every day, we create outstanding results for our clients and partners. These in turn put confidence in us, because we are not only filling open positions excellently in respect of the professsional fit, but always look for the ideal cultural matching.

The LEEBERG GROUP consolidates the highly fragmented european market for HR services. Our mission is to expedite the cultural evolution of our world of work through the merging of numerous service companies under one umbrella brand and organization. Through our growth in quantum leaps we come closer to our targeted leadership position in the industry day by day. For our shareholders the LEEBERG GROUP is an attractive investment vis-a-vis the values, the public image, the social attitude and the above-average asset development.

We see it as our responsibility to proactively develop the market. With our innovative culture, we are setting new standards and thus provide an answer to the most pressing challenges in our working world: the demographically induced shortage of skilled workers and the changes in societal values.

Our Values

With our corporate values, we define the interaction with each other and with the stakeholders outside of our organization. Our values define our culture.
They form the core of the LEEBERG GROUP brand.


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