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    We do not create entertainment. We create emotions. To provoke positive individual change.

Movie hero confidence, without ego.

We are movie heroes. Especially when things heat up during production. Which is almost every day. We know our strengths and play with high standards – so failure is basically not an option for us.

Where do we get our motivation from? We don’t need any, as we work here because it fits our lifestyle. The LEEBERG GROUP is a pioneer in Cultural Matching, which is the basis of our culture-based project assignment. So you can work in projects, which you find really exciting and fit your lifestyle.

We support our partners with highly qualified teams for challenging productions around the globe. We work in a modern work culture, no matter where we are. So we are regarded as special forces of film industry.

Are we an exclusive circle? One thing is sure: we are certainly not inapproachable. Because everyone is welcome who thinks the same way as we do. What we do not appreciate, is leadership that is solely based on authority, and an increased use of elbows.

Humor and composure in difficult situations are our trademarks. However only few know, that they are trained.

  • 2. Output over Rules

    If the project situation allows it, we can determine the time and place of our work and even taking holidays is in our own responsibility. The available free time is only regulated by our output, meaning the results.

Turn your life into your favourite movie

(image above: Sebastiaan ter Burg via flickr.com)

The LEEBERG GROUP is regarded as a pioneer in flexible working and workplace models. It is part of our understanding of a modern working environment, to treat our employees as the competent adults, who they are.

Some people are more productive in the morning, some people are more productive in the night. That’s why everyone can decide about his personal favourite working time. You work as you like and where you like. As long as the results are consistent with the planning. If the results could be improved, you get support from your mentor.

Our flexible work culture inspires us to complete tasks in a creative and innovative way to find a better balance between work and private life. Thanks to contemporary communication technologies flexibility isn’t only just possible. In our view flexibility is conducive to excellent results, great motivation and universal lifestyle management.

So do we have enough freedom? Sometimes we have too much. But we have learned that true freedom only works with real responsibility and the necessary discipline.

Our freedom has the following effect: We accomplish projects always as fast as humanly possible. Often far ahead of the deadline. Our claim is: Every project is a dream project. In this manner we handle incredible challenges and also therefore enjoy a lot of liberties.

  • 3. Secure Creativity

    Our mission is to offer you long-term planning and support, which goes far beyond your occupation.

Sleep well at night.

(image above: Sebastiaan ter Burg via flickr.com)

As free as a freelancer, but with the security of a permanent position? We make it possible. This allows us to realize our dreams while sleeping well at night. And our families as well.

Many people are longing for a self-determined way of working. Due to the lack of securities they not dare the step into self-employment. The LEEBERG GROUP however, combines the values of entrepreneurship with the advantages of a permanent position. This planning security is the ideal environment for outstanding results.

At the LEEBERG GROUP you get support that goes far beyond your current project. Our Academy supports an integrated program for the professional and personal development. No matter with which kind of work and personal related challenges you are faced, you can count on us. Whether you need a coach, doctor or lawyer, they are available for you.

We believe in content-oriented leadership by the person who has the highest competence in the subject. Each team has a mentor, but no boss. As part of our mentoring program each of our employees has a mentor, which supports him. Your mentor is your support, your advisor and your biggest fan. But the latter only after you have proven yourself.

  • 4. Be the best you can be.

    Are you ready to grow? We believe you have no limits. Say yes to new adventures!

You‘re not here to be average. You’re here to be awsome!

Growth is a fundamental law of nature. And a fundamental law for us. Have you ever wondered whether you fulfill your potential? Whether you could be more successful? On what kind of working life do you want to look back when you retire? What do you want to achieve? Your mentor will ask you these and similar questions not only at the beginning, but in regular intervals.

We believe that you have no limit. We see it as our responsibility to inspire you to peak performance. So you can be all you can be. Because if you can find your dream project and cultivate your enthusiasm, you will achieve successes with us that were initially far outside your comfort zone.

But these extreme phases are always self-chosen because we grow with them. You can decide whether you want them, when you want them and to which extent they are good for you.

We don’t concentrate on working hours, we concentrate on results. It’s our sport to achieve high quality results in the fastest and most direct way.

We love perfect concentration. This includes an ideal working environment that suits the current task. We think that there is a perfect place for any work. And this is not always the own desk.

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