Your life’s legacy, immortalized on the big screen

We believe that extraordinary lives deserve to be celebrated. Partner with us to create a cinematic journey that celebrates your inspiring life.

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Inspire action with a cinematic documentary about your extraordinary life

Partner with us to create a powerful film that moves viewers to action

Your story, told through the power of cinema

At LEEBERG GROUP, we believe that extraordinary lives deserve to be celebrated, and their stories deserve to be told through the power of cinema. That’s why we specialize in producing ground-breaking cinematic documentaries that inspire passive viewers to take meaningful action. Our mission is to use film as a force for social change, and we’re looking for partners who share that vision.

Benefits for Partners:
  • A cinematic documentary that captures the essence of your extraordinary life
  • Expert guidance from our Hollywood production team throughout the production process
  • High-quality production values that meet our rigorous standards for cinematic storytelling
  • A film that inspires passive viewers to take action and create positive change in the world
  • An opportunity to share your inspiring story with a wider audience and make a lasting impact
  • A partnership with a socially responsible production company that’s committed to making a difference

We believe that anyone who lives an extraordinary and inspiring life is our partner. If you’re ready to share your story with the world and inspire others to take action, we invite you to partner with us and create a cinematic documentary that captures your unique journey.


A cinematic journey towards a better world: Transforming the world through the power of documentary cinema.


Sustainability means for us, acting responsibly in the best interests of our employees, partners, society and future generations.


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