The LEEBERG GROUP connects people with businesses.

We not only provide an excellent professional fit for vacancies. Our mission is to also provide an ideal Cultural Matching.

Identity-based personell services

As a leading provider of identity-based HR services in Europe, our core competencies go far beyond traditional personnel services. Our Cultural Matching makes the difference for a successful recruitment: The fit of the candidate to the corporate culture and identity. To ensure this cultural fit, the LEEBERG GROUP analyzes the work experience for the employees and the underlying values. This service is an integral part of our partnership.

The LEEBERG GROUP provides answers to the following questions:
  • How does a company culture really feels like for the employees?
  • Which personality has a candidate and what are his goals?
  • Which person likes which corporate culture?
  • How can highly qualified people be flexible available for different companies on a project basis?
  • How can future-relevant characteristics of a corporate culture be strengthened?

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